Goals for the New Year

I’m not a big fan of resolutions, but I like goals. Goals are really compatible with lists, and I think we’ve been over how much I like lists before, right?
There’s a lot of reasons not to like resolutions, but since statistics indicate making something a resolution makes it less likely to happen, it’s not a great start to your year. And besides, if you’re going to make a big life change, why wait until the new year? You can start that at the beginning of a new month. Or a new week. A new day. A new hour. No reason to wait. Resolutions can happen any time, they aren’t limited to the new year.

The great thing about setting goals instead of resolutions is that it’s easier to make small adjustments to your goals as you figure out what you really want. It’s also easier to break down into small tasks, which are easier to complete. There’s a lot of things I want to do in 2015, but here’s just a few I’ve thought about enough to fit them into words… and put them on a list.

Finish writing my current work-in-progress.
It’s all downhill from here, wrapping up the last quarter of the book, but I’m hoping that if I press really hard, I can get it finished by the end of January.

Send out queries for my last completed project.
I was going to do this through November and December, but so many agents take time off in those months that I decided I’d wait until the new year to get things rolling. I’m hoping, of course, that seeking representation will result in getting it by the end of the year, but we’ll see what happens!

Make progress with organizing the house.
Simplifying is a big part of this, and Christmas probably means a big influx of stuff to contend with. By the end of January, I hope to have everything from Christmas (decorations included!) under control. By mid-summer, I hope to have the whole house settled. But if it takes longer than that, that’s okay.

Finish the big to-do list.
Yeah, that’s right. A to-do list is on my to-do list. Only me, right? Back in November, I made a big list of all the projects I’ve started, but haven’t had time to finish. As I type this, there are 29 things left on the list that are unfinished. That sounds pretty bad, but in November alone I completed 18 things that were on the list. Some projects shouldn’t take more than a few hours, though some may take a few days. By this time next year, I hope to have them all done. Should be possible, right?

I’m sure there are other things I’ll want to do or discover as I move into the year, but for now, those are the big goals on my mind.
What are your plans for 2015?

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