Persimmon Tree Tea’s Green Pomegranate tea

I’d heard so many good things about green tea. And yet, the only time I’d ever tasted it, it was bitter, biting and completely unpleasant. I don’t remember who made that cup of tea, but obviously, they did it wrong.

This green pomegranate tea from Persimmon Tree Tea was not only delightful, it was magnificent on its own. Sugar fiend that I am, I tend to sweeten my tea even if it isn’t bitter, just because I like sweets. But this had an interesting enough flavor on its own that my husband and I both drank it straight. Yes, I’m trying to get him started on fancy tea too! It’s nice to share a cup of something you’re both having for the first time, and compare opinions as you drink.

The flavor of the green tea itself was mild and mellow and not nearly as grassy as I expected it might be. And with bits of pomegranate and raspberry mixed in, it had a delightful fruity kick that wasn’t too sweet and wasn’t too tart, either, making it an excellent accent for the green tea. Of all the teas I’ve sampled from PTT so far, I’d say this was my second favorite, right behind the Earl Grey Heaven I reviewed last week. This one, too, is definitely going on the re-order list.
Definitely recommended!

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