Persimmon Tree Tea’s Earl Grey Heaven

I never understood what was so great about Earl Grey tea. A lot of my friends sang its praises, but I was unimpressed with the flavor. But I needed one more tea to finish out my 5-flavor sampler pack, so Earl Grey it was.
Two words.

New favorite.

The packet confused me at first, because on the site it’s labeled “Earl Grey Heaven” and on my sample pack, it said “Earl Grey Creme” – But it’s the same thing, just a different name for whatever reason.

Earl Grey is my younger sister’s favorite tea, and while she was visiting at the end of June, I had her give this one a try. It became her new favorite, too, the moment she caught a whiff.

It has an unbelievably smooth flavor, with just a perfect hint of orange and vanilla. It’s the first tea I’ve had where I didn’t need to add anything to it (not even rock sugar!) to make it a perfect cup. It’s mild and refreshing, just as good both hot and cold. And with the dried petals of cornflowers in it, it’s even pretty to look at.

Of the teas I’ve sampled so far, this is by far the best. If you order nothing else from this company, get this tea. It’s totally worth it.

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