What I need is a plan

I am a control freak.
Okay, maybe not a control freak, but I’m an organization freak. Actually, that’s not a good description, either. Is there a term for someone who just really, really likes plans and lists? Because that is me.

“Just keep your mind on the job.”

It’s sort of funny. I hate routines, but I like plans. And lists. And checklists. Every day starts with making a checklist of everything I need to accomplish, and I feel lost without my daily plans. As I get older, I see myself reflected in caricatures of my “type” – The super organized lady who gets really frazzled as soon as things start deviating from the original plan.

Sometimes my husband teases me for my grandiose lists, and in the back of my head, I always think of Dot’s first line in that ReBoot episode My Two Bobs, the line I used as the title of this post, sans the laugh track that comes immediately after.

It’s important to be able to laugh at ourselves, but there’s nothing wrong with lists and plans! A lot of people think of plans as rigid, stifling outlines. They’re not. Plans are fluid, always able to adapt and change according to the situation. Plans are important for almost every aspect of my life. I plan my books before I start writing so I know what I’m doing, I plan dinner before I start cooking so I don’t accidentally discover we’re out of vital ingredients for something I intended to make.

I never realized how much I depend on my plans until I saw myself reflected in a cartoon while my daughter was watching My Little Pony. The episode started with Twilight Sparkle gathering items on a checklist. A checklist of all the things she needed to make a checklist. I laughed. I laughed until it hurt, because that’s me! And at the same time, I’m totally unapologetic, because this is one of my quirks, one of the things that helps me function, and now that we’re in the second half of the year I’m delighted to be working through a checklist of everything I want to do for the rest of 2014.

I have a lot of goals for writing. Plans for home improvement and plans to maybe travel. Plans to expand business ventures and delve deeper into hobbies. Plans to complete the edit of that big fantasy book I’m most proud of and (eek!) start querying for the first time.
Will I get it all done?
Don’t know. Maybe.
I can plan on it!


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