The World of Ithilear

The Serpentine trilogy takes place in Ithilear, a fictional planet and a world of boundless magic.

Serpent’s Tears takes place on Elenhiise island, a large but lonely landmass settled near Ithilear’s equator. Valuable as a halfway point between the busiest trade cities on the northern and southern continents, Elenhiise is renowned for its harbors and markets. With traders coming from all over the world, almost anything can be found for sale at port in Elenhiise. Volcanic in origin, the island does little to sustain its people, driving them to depend on the thriving trade economy to bring quality of life.

Ruled by two parties, the humans and the elves, Elenhiise bears a strong racial stigma as a direct result of magic. Born without the ability to use magic in any form, humans are often looked down upon and viewed as inferior creatures. The racial divide means that half-elves are uncommon, but not unheard of. Half-elves who inherit the gifts of their elven parents are often accepted in either kingdom as valuable members of society.

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