Serpent’s Mark

The first volume in a six-book series, Serpent’s Mark is an epic fantasy novel. Alvarez is currently seeking representation for this work.


Daemon is a monster. As a wild mage, his power isn’t limited by the normal magical boundaries. But power comes at the cost of humanity. Rejected for the scales and claws his uncontrollable magic gave him, Daemon finds acceptance with the Underlings: people driven from their homeland by the two kingdoms that rule Elenhiise isle. Together with the Underling queen, he seeks to overthrow elven rule and restore freedom to his people – only his inability to control his power stands in his way.

Unlike most children left with the mages of Kirban Temple, Firal has never had contact with her parents. What happened after they abandoned her at the temple? Her mother’s necklace—the royal crest given to all court mages—is her only clue. With no history and no real future, she dreams of becoming a teacher of magic and finding the truth of her origins. A simple life and small ambitions offer a great deal of free time, often spent trying to unravel the mystery of the old ruins beyond the temple walls.
A chance encounter in the ruins offers Daemon the answer to his problems. Intrigued by his unfettered power,  Firal is eager to teach the control he needs. But their alliance brings unpleasant questions to light. How was Daemon created? Why do the mages allow him to live just beyond their borders?
Answers lie in their connections to the mages and the royal family, but when their actions lead to the threat of war, their choices catapult them into a world neither one is ready to face.

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  1. Hi, me and my friend were wondering if there was a physical copy of this book, neither of us can read digital copies easily.
    Just wondering since we really like the idea and would like to read it.

  2. Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, this book isn’t on the market just yet. I am not sure when it will be available, but there will be phyiscal copies of all my books, since I prefer to read paperbacks, myself!

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