Of Blood and Rain

Of Blood and Rain by Beth AlvarezUntil the riddle is answered, the curse will grow.

It’s been almost twenty years since a curse drove the kingdom of Strale into drought, leaving only a witch’s riddle to offer clues how to break it. Countless people have tried and failed, their bones littering the kingdom’s deserts.

When one last, desperate plea goes out, the call is answered by the Knights of Sonus, an all-female band of mercenaries whose ancient order serves a water spirit. There is no one better suited to breaking the curse and, as a first-year Knight, Aryina craves victory more than most. But the desert can only support so many, so when the king turns away all but two Knights, the task of solving the witch’s riddle falls solely on Aryina’s inexperienced shoulders.

If she can’t unravel the puzzle and break the curse before their water supply runs out, then all that’s left of Strale–and the reputation of the legendary Knights of Sonus–will crumble like the desert earth.

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