Keeper’s Kin Books

Keeper’s Kin is a new paranormal series, named for the vampire guardians of the supernatural you’ll meet within the stories. These books will introduce you to the Keepers and their complicated world.

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Keeper’s Finder

Keeper's Finder by Beth Alvarez

Death should have been the end.

The last thing Joshua Rook expected was to wake up after the car crash that claimed his life. Never mind waking to discover he’s part of an underground organization devoted to aiding the undead.

A second chance to live his life and marry Charlotte, the girl of his dreams, sounds like a miracle, but once Josh swears the Keeper’s Oath, he’ll be cut off from interaction with the mortal world—forever.

But Josh’s circumstance is special. Robbed of a chance to prepare for death, the period before his swearing in offers one last chance to win Charlotte over.

There’s just one catch.

He only has three days.

Keeper’s Finder is a novella approximately 30,000 words in length. Although part of the Keeper’s Kin series, it can be read alone.

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Her Midnight Cowboy

Her Midnight Cowboy by Beth Alvarez

She wants to save the family business.
He just wants the bounty.

There’s something odd about Kade Colton, and not just his refusal to taste Felicity Hammond’s famous baking. Sure, he’s the sexiest cowboy she’s ever seen, but working midnights protecting the local ranch doesn’t explain his aversion to daylight. Her father warns her to steer clear, but when a foreclosure notice threatens to close the family business for good, Felicity will try anything to save it—even answering Kade’s scandalous questions.

Kade lives by two rules: work alone, and don’t get involved. But it’s easier to hunt a jackalope in Yellowstone than get information in Holly Hill without drawing attention. Even if it means breaking his rules, Felicity’s connections are exactly what he needs.

But letting her in means revealing why he’s really there. With bodies turning up in town, sharing his secret puts his life on the line. It’s not his first go-round with monsters like these, but this one’s big—and he’ll need all the help he can get. And no matter how he tries to ignore it, there’s something about Felicity that’s got him feeling alive for the first time in years…

Her Midnight Cowboy is the first book in the Keeper’s Kin series.

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