Keeper’s Finder

Keeper's Finder by Beth AlvarezDeath should have been the end.

The last thing Joshua Rook expected was to wake up after the car crash that claimed his life. Never mind waking to discover he’s part of an underground organization devoted to aiding the undead.

A second chance to live his life and marry Charlotte, the girl of his dreams, sounds like a miracle. But once Josh swears the Keeper’s Oath, he’ll assume his place as a vampire and be cut off from interaction with the mortal world—forever.

Robbed of an opportunity to prepare for death, the period before his swearing in offers one last shot at winning Charlotte over. There’s just one catch.

He only has three days.

Keeper’s Finder is a novella approximately 30,000 words in length. Although part of the Keeper’s Kin series, it can be read alone.

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