Face-up commission information

Want me to paint your doll?
Face-up commissions are currently OPEN.
Limited to four slots. No reservations or holds.
No recasts, please.



Standard face-up: $30+, any size (Tattoos, freckles, facial hair, etc. will cost extra. Inquire for details.)
Face-up removal: $5+ (If a doll is heavily stained or removal proves unusually difficult, an extra charge may apply. Face-up removal costs will never exceed $10.)
Color matching: $10 (Head only, must provide resin sample to match to)
Eyelashes: $1 (Application only, eyelashes provided by you) / $3 (Application + eyelashes provided by me – only black and brown available)

You are responsible for paying for shipping both to and from my location. Although I promise your doll will be returned well-packed, insurance is highly recommended because I cannot guarantee how the postal service will handle the box!



Paints, pastels, pencils and gloss
• Liquitex and Citadel acrylic paints
• Loew-Cornell and Schmincke pastels
• Derwent watercolor pencils
• Americana Triple-Thick Gloss
• Tamiya X-22 Gloss
• Jacquard Pearl-Ex pearl powders
I do not use any oil-based materials on any dolls.

Solvents for doll cleaning and face-up removal
• Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner
• Pure acetone*

*I’ve done heavy customization of dolls and have never had issues using acetone for face-up removal. I do not typically use acetone except on unusually stubborn areas, such as those heavily glossed. However, if you do not want acetone used on your doll, please let me know. Most face-ups can be removed with brush cleaner alone, but may take additional time and work, so may cost extra. If your doll is vinyl or ABS, it MUST be cleaned with acetone.

• Citadel Purity Seal
• Liquitex matte medium

** Please specify your sealant preference. All face-ups are finished with Purity Seal for durability. However, face-ups completed with airbrushed Liquitex are faster to complete and are not affected by weather; face-ups completed purely with Purity Seal may be delayed in the event of wet/humid weather. As I (unfortunately) cannot control weather conditions, estimated dates for face-up completion are not available. In particularly disagreeable weather, it may take two to three weeks for a face-up to be completed.


Ready to inquire?

Copy/paste and fill out the following form, then email it to lomilmalinde@gmail.com – you’ll get a response soon!

* * *

Your name:

Company/sculpt of doll:
Resin color:
Doll’s gender:

Sealant preference: (Citadel Purity Seal or airbrushed Liquitex matte medium)

Eyebrow color:
Eyebrow expression: (Happy? Sad? Worried?)

Lower lash color:
Upper eyelash application?: (Yes/no; black or brown?)

Eyeshadow color: (If none, specify “natural”)
Do you want pearl powder? Where?: (inquire for colors currently available)

Lips: (Natural, pink, lipstick colors, etc…)

Other information: (Moles, freckles, facial hair, scars, etc. would go here.)

Description: (Describe your ideal face-up for me.)

Reference pictures: (Provide up to five links or photo attachments, please.)

Do you want a video of your doll’s face-up to appear on my YouTube channel?: (Yes/no)