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Author Beth AlvarezA writer of fantasy and paranormal stories, Beth Alvarez was born and raised in southern Illinois. As a child, J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit was the first book she read on her own. The experience was life-altering but had the unfortunate side effect of setting her literary standards too high.

A major of visual arts, Alvarez has worked as a freelance web designer, graphic designer, and an illustrator. When not writing, she enjoys drawing, driving, video games, and sewing for her unusual collection of Asian ball-jointed dolls.

She now resides in the suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee with her husband and daughter, their Siberian husky, and a very mean cat.

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Beth Alvarez may be contacted in a number of locations.

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Or, of course, you may contact her by sending email to balvarez@ithilear.com.

About Ithilear

Ithilear.com is the official home of the ever-expanding world and growing creations of writer and artist Beth Alvarez, named for the world in which her many fantasy novels are set.

The world of Ithilear is the heart of a creation and the forming of a great myth. Like many fictional worlds, Ithilear is home to a multitude of fantastic creatures and characters. As the world develops, information about the world and the stories within it will be found within these pages.

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