Cover Reveal: Her Midnight Wedding, coming in December!

It seems like I only just shared the beginning of this series, but here we are, already looking at the next installment in the Keeper’s Kin universe. Her Midnight Wedding, the second book in the core trilogy, will hit Amazon and Kindle Unlimited next month. I have more to share about the future of this series and what to expect in coming days, but for now, behold!

Keep scrolling to see the cover and find out what this book is all about…

Her Midnight Wedding by Beth Alvarez

Though Kade Colton swore his hunting days were over, it’s impossible to refuse the call when a werewolf turns up in Holly Hill. With vital steps in the contract missing, the unjustified hunt could spell death for an innocent. Fighting to stop a rival hunter is hard enough, but when a feeding gone wrong puts the sheriff’s son on his heels, Kade must choose between having his secret revealed or defying the enigmatic Keepers—either of which could cost his life.

Felicity Hammond is determined to marry her cowboy, but happily ever after doesn’t come easy when your intended sports spurs and fangs. Planning a midnight wedding should have been the hard part. Instead, she’s stuck racing the sunrise to save her beloved. If Felicity can’t end the hunt and untangle the sea of red tape that keeps Kade’s hands tied, they can kiss their happy ending goodbye.

Her Midnight Wedding is the second book in the Keeper’s Kin series and will be released in December.

The release date isn’t yet set in stone, so I won’t give an exact date, but I’ll be announcing it everywhere as soon as the book is ready to roll.

More series news coming soon!

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