Keeper’s Finder and Her Midnight Cowboy are now available!

Happy release day, everyone!

After months of hard work, I’ve got several new books to share with you: as of today, Keeper’s Finder and Her Midnight Cowboy are available in both paperback and Kindle editions!

Keeper’s Finder is a standalone novella of 30,000 words. It tells a whole story on its own, but is set in the same universe as Her Midnight Cowboy, which is the “official” book one in the Keeper’s Kin universe–and 80,000 words long. Either book can be read on its own–they both offer a full story and can be read in any order. Both are available in Kindle Unlimited.

Just in case you missed the previous blog post, full descriptions of either title can be found on Amazon. Ready to read? Click either cover to head over to Amazon and check them out!

Keeper's Finder by Beth Alvarez  
Or, click here to view Keeper’s Finder,

and click here to view Her Midnight Cowboy.

But there’s more! I said several books, if you noticed–not two books.

The First Hunt, a Keeper’s Kin novella of 29,000 words, is also now available!

The First Hunt by Beth AlvarezBut there is a catch. Since The First Hunt is a prequel to Her Midnight Cowboy, I’d hate for people to stumble upon it and give themselves spoilers. So instead, join my newsletter by following the link in the back of Her Midnight Cowboy‘s eBook, and you’ll receive instructions on how to download your free copy of The First Hunt.

This book is only available as an eBook edition, but if you read Her Midnight Cowboy as a paperback edition and wanted to give the eBook edition of The First Hunt a try, just join my newsletter by following this link instead, then reply to the welcome message to let me know–I’ll make sure you get a copy.

The next book in the series is currently scheduled to release in December.

Happy reading!

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