Project review: Of Blood and Rain

I’ll be honest: I didn’t finish on time.
There was one tiny little detail I forgot about when planning my project timeline, and it messed me up badly. I always try to put my project deadlines on a weekend so I can do a bunch of last-minute work if it’s necessary. It generally works well. But generally, I don’t accidentally forget a major holiday.

So while I enjoyed the Easter festivities, I didn’t do much writing. I wrapped up the project today with the last 1,880 words the novella needed. Which means it ended up going way over my revised estimate, closer to the original 10k words I thought I’d need to finish the story. Go figure!

Either way, it feels good to have the project completed. I’ll be sending it off to early readers this week; I expect to publish it sometime this summer, so editing will be quick to follow. The cover art is underway, and it’s a custom illustration, so I’m excited to share it after it’s complete.

I’ll be doing a write-up about my experience using Pacemaker to track the project soon. In general, I have good things to say. It’s nice to see a visual representation of my plans, if only because it offers one more piece of evidence that I’m moving forward with a story.

This one’s my first completed project of the year, so I’m hoping that momentum keeps me rolling forward as I start my next project–two days behind. The good news is the next project–codenamed KF–is shorter than this one, and I’ve given myself a whole month to try to write it.

Final word count for Of Blood and Rain: 19,887.

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