Day Twelve: The Side Effect of Regular Writing

Yesterday was a pretty smooth and easy trek to 575 words. The only real catch was that I didn’t get started until right before bed. Despite my best efforts and best intentions, I still can’t manage to get writing sprints into my day.

As I near the end of the project, it gets a little easier to write. The downhill roll of getting to the ending is always encouraging, so I usually find the last chapter a breeze to get through. I’m hoping that stays the case since I’m just 4 days from the deadline–3, if I don’t count today.

I would have written more yesterday, but I also took a small slice of time before bed to write some things down in my notebook full of plans. The weird side effect of writing a story is that it always spawns ideas for other stories (or entire series of stories) that I’d much rather be writing. For a long time, I gave in to the siren call of these other, funner projects, jumping from my incomplete projects to the grand new idea. It usually went well for a couple chapters, then the shiny newness wore off and I ended up back in the same place. Something else calling for my attention, the previous project never getting done.

Obviously, I eventually curbed it; part of it was just learning to write the ideas down and put them away until I had time for them. Or could make time for them, I suppose; it’s easier to fit things in now, though, with my epic fantasy series complete and put aside for the moment while I figure out what to do with it.

I’ve had several shiny new ideas dangle themselves in front of me during this project, so I’m hoping I can make something of it later on. I just have to figure out where to fit them in, first.

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