Day Thirteen: Cleanup

Yesterday’s word count ended at a paltry 168. I wasn’t feeling up to writing, so I opted to spend my time going back and fixing problems earlier in the draft instead. I write best in a linear fashion, so if I have problems behind me, sometimes I benefit most from doubling back to fix them before I push onward. Megan reminded me of this yesterday, which I appreciated; I feel like the time I did spend working was much more productive than the small word count implies.

I’m sure I actually wrote more than that; I was just rewriting things instead of writing things, so the manuscript length didn’t grow by much. However, I did iron out some particularly problematic areas, and I’m going to double back to fix a bit more today if the opportunity presents itself. I also want to keep pushing forward, though, so I hope I can do a bit of both. I’m planning an afternoon trip to the fenced playground at church for me and my little assistant. If we’re the only ones there, I might be able to do a bit of writing while she plays. They have a great setup, with picnic tables right up against the play equipment, so I can stay close and be present and involved with her playtime while making progress of my own. At least, that’s the idea.

I have just a little more to add to the current chapter, then it’s on to the ending. The whole story is a little briefer than I expected it would be when I set out to write it, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means it meanders less than originally anticipated.

It’s been interesting to watch my progress tracker yo-yo during the course of this project. It’s sort of fallen into a pattern. Fall behind, catch up in one big chunk, do okay for a day or two, then repeat. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what my next project looks like.

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