Day Seven: Back in That Cycle

On the plus side, I had a nice little ten-minute sprint right after lunch yesterday. The downside is that after shifting everything else aside to make ten minutes of writing after lunch, everything else on yesterday’s agenda fell apart and I didn’t end up getting anything else written at all. My total word count for yesterday was 282, so here we go–the second go-round of having an unproductive day I’ll now have to make up for.

The good news is we’re to the weekend now, so I should be able to make up those lost words tomorrow… assuming I don’t fall any farther behind.
Another piece of good news is that I don’t think it’ll take me quite so many words to finish the story as I originally estimated; I planned for 10,000 words, but I think it’ll end closer to 8,000. I only have two chapters left to write, though I may split the last one, depending on how long it gets. Even if I do split it into three chapters, it won’t be much longer than 8,000 words. I’m tempted to lower my overall word count goal on the Pacemaker project to reflect the lower number, but I may wait until I’m just a bit closer to finishing this project.

I still feel like me being sick is the biggest hurdle I need to overcome. On days when I’m well, falling behind means I can fit in a little extra work before bed if I need to, but doing that while I’m ill seems to be greatly detrimental to my recovery. I’m into my third week of being sick, though, and I don’t know what else I can do. I’ve had days where I can write up to five thousand words if I really need to, but those only happen when I’m feeling my best, so they’re few and far between. As cool as it would be to practically knock this story out in one day like that, it’s just not what’s best for me right now.

I’m trying to make slow and steady my mantra for this project; I can always try to go faster on the next one, whenever I’m feeling better.

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