Day Fourteen: Gearing up for the crunch

Yesterday’s word count crept in at 519, which is pretty good for the 20 minutes I spent writing, but still a bit short of what I actually needed to squeeze in. Though I took a notebook, I wasn’t able to get any work done. Turns out my ability to work at the park isn’t so much dependent on my kid, and more dependent on other kids and how many times they make yours cry.

Oh, to reach the point where you judge other parents by their kid’s behavior on the playground! No amount of me encouraging my girl to be assertive and independent is going to help if you won’t take two seconds to look up from your cell phone and tell your child to quit bullying the smaller children. Obviously, other parents telling them to stop isn’t working. But I digress.

I’ll be starting the last chapter tonight. I haven’t kept a very steady pace, so I’ll be in crunch mode tonight and tomorrow after all, trying to get the story wrapped up. If tomorrow weren’t a Saturday, I wouldn’t be able to get this done on time.

Hopefully, my next project will go a little smoother. Stuff in a modern Earth setting is always less demanding for me to write because I don’t have to create the world. It’s already there, I just have to fill in the blanks on what’s happening in it. I’ve enjoyed having a daily brain dump on what I’m tackling each day, but I don’t know if it’s worth blogging through the next project since I’m not sure I’ve provided anything actually useful during this blogging session.

What do you think? Should I continue blogging through my next short project?

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