Day Four: Playing Catch-up

Yesterday’s word count fared a little better at 525, but it wasn’t enough to make significant headway into making up for Sunday’s lost time. Catching up is hard, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t handle pressure very well. But I set a deadline for myself, so I need to see it through.

Aside from this cold I can’t seem to shake, the biggest obstacle I’ve encountered is that I just don’t feel like working on this story. I’ll talk more about that another time, though–maybe tomorrow, depending on how well my efforts today work out.

Today I’m going to try to work on catching up. My little helper came to get us out of bed at 6 this morning, so our day’s gotten a slightly earlier start than usual. I’m hoping to use that to my advantage and make up for Sunday’s lost words. We’ll take care of all our responsibilities first, freeing up the afternoon for work. Or, that’s the plan, anyway. We had a rainy day yesterday, but it’s supposed to clear up today. If I know for sure it’s going to be clear and dry, I might take my laptop out to the backyard with me to squeeze in a little work while she plays. Otherwise, a notebook is a safer bet, if considerably slower.

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I can’t bunch catch-up work right against regular work, or I get tired, burned out, or just plain overwhelmed and can’t make any real progress. I tend to work best in short sprints of 5-10 minutes anyway, so breaking up the word count through the day is a better way for me to work. I’d prefer to do all my work that way eventually, but I haven’t been able to work it out just yet.

Of course, it’d probably be easier if this was a project I was excited to be working on. When I was finishing the first draft of the last book in the (yet-unpublished) Snakesblood Saga, I was consistently able to pound out 200-300 words in my 5-10 minute sprints, so my daily word counts were much higher. This project has been a struggle since the beginning, but I’m sure I’ll feel better about it once I get the first draft done.

12% done so far; hopefully we’ll reach 20% before the end of the day.

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