Day Eleven: Building Momentum

It’s always easier to write when you’re doing it regularly. Getting back into the swing of sitting down every night to write something is tough after a few months away, but it’s getting easier to do it now, even if my word count yields aren’t always high. Or remarkable. Or anywhere near where they need to be.

Yesterday was a little more fruitful, yielding 1,008 words between two writing sessions. I didn’t track how long I wrote the first time; I was there for almost an hour, but the majority of that time was spent skimming over everything I’ve written and checking it against my outline. Then I made adjustments to the remaining parts of the outline, moving information that had been overlooked or forgotten to somewhere I can work it back into the story, then smoothing everything out for the last chapter and a half there is to write. The second writing session was about 20 minutes.

If I can pull around 600 words a day, I’ll finish on time without any last-minute crunch this Saturday. That word count should be easy to achieve if I can just get myself in gear to do multiple sprints through the day; three 15-minute sprints scattered through the afternoon would knock it out.

Working in sprints is one of the things I don’t like about Pacemaker. It’s nice for tracking, but it only allows one word count input per day, so I have to write everything down and tally it up elsewhere. I’m not sure if it’s a dealbreaker for me or not; I suggested that as a new feature, but I don’t know if it’ll be considered. It’s nice to have the below widget to share my continual progress with friends and readers, but I’m glad I decided to continue to log my word counts in my planner as well.


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