Take care of my writer

“Take care of my writer.

She’ll forget to eat. You’ll have to have reminders set to help her remember.

She treats us writing machines better than the desktop. She’ll always wash her hands before touching your keys.

You’ll have a place beside her bed. Sometimes you’ll work with her late into the night, only to be woken at 3 in the morning to write down something that just can’t wait.
Whenever she’s away from home, you’ll be with her.

Sometimes she’ll carry you around the house for no reason, meaning to work, but never getting to it.

You’ll record things that make her cry, but she’ll always dry the tears off your keyboard.

Sometimes you’ll have good days, logging ten thousand new words or scrubbing errors from fifty pages at a time. And sometimes you’ll have bad days where there’s not even a full sentence done.

She’ll spend a lot of time certain her work is awful, but it won’t keep her away. She’ll be back. She can’t help it.

You’ll visit worlds together, places that only exist in the millions of words you’ll record.

We wrote ten and a half books together.

Take care of my writer, and you’ll write many more.”

All good things must come to an end… including the life of my trusty writing computer.

You can read the story of my hand-me-down iBook G4 over here.


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