Born of the Moon – Releasing December 1st!

This project has been a long time coming. I’ve been talking about the book in passing since late 2013, but since that was also my first year of being a mother, I made the difficult discovery that finding time to write wasn’t as easy as it used to be. I was honored and humbled by the number of people that contacted me after they read Death of the Sun, asking about whether or not they should get their hopes up for a continuation of the story. I refrained from giving a straight answer for as long as I was able, not because I didn’t plan to continue the series, but because I wasn’t sure when I could. It took  me longer than I wanted, but it’s easier to get writing in these days, so I hope to have more regularity in my work from now on.

Some of you have already had a peek at this, but now it’s public and official: the cover for Born of the Moon, the sequel to Death of the Sun and the second installment in the After Undeath series!

I fleetingly mentioned this project while talking about taking pictures of the full moon through a telescope a few years back, and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to do it! I enjoy making my own book covers, though I tend to lean toward sleek and simple.

Anyway, the word series might have caught your eye up above, so I’ll expand on that a bit. I never intended for Death of the Sun to spawn a series, but it became evident pretty quick after I put the book out that there was a little more story to tell. This is the only direct sequel to Death of the Sun there’s going to be, but there are going to be more stories–short stories, maybe a novella or two–that will be considered part of the series. When they’ll come out, though, I can’t say right now. Some may pop up here as part of my collection of short stories, or might end up posted as a novelette, similar to what I did with Gale’s Gift.

Ready to see what’s coming? Read on.



Life after death isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

It’s been six years since Blaine Moreau returned to the world of the living, keeping only his fangs as a souvenir. Though he didn’t expect the transition to be easy, a heartbeat comes with health problems, a sea of red tape, and the shine of new silver developing at his temples. Dealing with insurance claims and explaining away a shady employment history is enough without the added grief of being unable to satisfy his wife’s dreams of having a family.

Never mind old problems coming back to haunt him.

Without their vampire god to lead them, the clan is subject to a slow extinction, one Grace isn’t willing to accept. Clinging to her memories of their time together, she seeks Blaine, the only one who can help her have the life she wants.

But he’s not so eager to help. With everything else in shambles, the last thing he needs is undead on his doorstep.

Especially when one has a simple suggestion that could solve all his problems–or destroy everything he’s worked to build.

Sequel to Death of the Sun and second book in the After Undeath series, Born of the Moon is scheduled to release on December 1st.

Happy reading!

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