Adding artwork

I’m not sure why, but writing and art go sort of hand-in-hand. Many of the artists I’ve known have also been writers, and the writers I’ve known have also been artists. I’m a little bit of both, myself, though my husband’s art skills far surpass my own.

I’ve been illustrating things for my books for as long as I’ve been writing them. In fact, I started drawing at the same time I started writing Serpent’s Tears, because I wanted to create images of the characters in the story. Needless to say, my early ventures weren’t very good, but I feel like over the course of the past decade, I’ve grown competent enough that I can at least give people a general idea of what’s in my mind’s eye.  I’m still learning, but what artist isn’t? There’s always room for improvement.

At the same time, I feel like I’ve reached a point in my art hobby where I can comfortably start putting together a semi-professional looking gallery. While my art varies wildly in style, some realistic and some decidedly cartoony, I’m going to stick to the more professional here, using my best character portraits alongside developmental concept sketches, maps, and things along that line. Anything to help flesh out the worlds I’m creating. Right now, expanding my fantasy world is the main priority.

In any event, the gallery is small at the moment, though there are a few pieces in it that I’ve kept in reserve for this release and haven’t posted anywhere else. The collection of art will grow over time as I complete character portraits for the series, and as I begin working on other stories, you’ll see art appearing for those as well. In the meantime, you can view the gallery and images by clicking on the “Art Gallery” section on the left, or by clicking here.

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