Decoden sweets as BJD props

In early March, I earned an Etsy gift card by participating in a survey. I was delighted, but it was surprisingly hard to find something to buy. There were dozens of things I wanted, but most places didn’t accept Etsy gift cards as payment. After considering for a while, I decided to take a gamble with my free money and get some decoden supplies I’d been eyeing as potential ball-jointed doll props.

They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so I spent an afternoon looking and decided to buy from a shop called HappyKawaiiSupplies. It took me a while to pick what I wanted, but I’m happy with most of my choices. Here’s a full shot of what I got:

The two big splurges were the decoden cream, silicone mold and the colored hot glue sticks. I also got some eye screws for other projects, which aren’t pictured here. Though I’ve heard you can use caulk as decorating cream for decoden, it doesn’t smell the greatest. Since I do all my crafting around a toddler, I decided the $5 for non-toxic simulated cream was worth it. The mold is the blue thing to the right. It’s just the right shape for making the bases of pies for very small dolls or tarts for very large dolls. Everything you see here doesn’t come cheap, though – It’ll set you back a solid $50. And I bought it on sale. So what works and what doesn’t?

I bought a few things hoping they’d work for my biggest dolls. Since they’re EID, SID and Feeple65 sizes, it can be tough to find props in a decent scale.  The parfait cups work great, as does the raspberry dessert. To the right, you can see them in my EID’s hands.

The parfait cups weren’t my first choice, but they were the largest available in the shop and I didn’t think the smaller ones would work for such big dolls, though they’d be great for MSD or YoSD. The raspberry tart would be laughably big for any smaller sizes, though.

The cake slice is also a great size for the big dolls, though the ice cream dishes are pitifully small. EIDs have large hands, but they were tiny even in my F65’s grasp. They did, however, work well for my YoSD-sized Littlefee, so I don’t feel like that purchase was a waste. I keep all sorts of dishes on hand that are my baby’s size, so why wouldn’t Lulu have dishes her size too?

Without a doubt, the orange slices are my favorite. They’re a great size for both my large dolls and my Littlefee.

The detail on the slices is great and unlike many of the pieces I got, they’re detailed on both sides. As a result, I think I’ll be keeping them loose instead of putting them on top of the cake slice like I originally planned. They’re actually very pretty to look at, beautifully translucent. They look like normal orange slices in a YoSD’s hand, and look like mandarin slices in the grasp of my larger dolls, like my F65 below.

I got quite a few bagel / unfinished donut pieces thinking they’d work well for the big dolls, but they were a bit smaller than I expected. They’ll still work in a pinch, but they aren’t scaled as well as I hoped. Mini donuts, maybe? The fudge stripe cookies, on the other hand, are spot-on! I kind of wish I’d gotten a few more.

Everything else was laughably too small for the large dolls, though a number of things worked nicely for my Littlefee. The ice cream dishes and the pudding pieces make a nice dessert that’s just her size. Unfortunately, the pudding pieces are the one thing I was disappointed with, as 5 out of 6 have very visible bubbles in the top. It’d be okay for using as actual decoden embellishments, but not so great for doll props.

But Lulu has plenty of other delightful desserts that are a perfect size for her, like the white donuts and these adorable cupcakes:

That couldn’t be scaled more perfectly! The donut is almost as good. The fudge stripe cookies are a bit on the big side, but I find them acceptable for her specifically, as she’s supposed to be a small toddler in comparison to my other dolls. Some of the very small cakes look like snack cakes in her hands, too, meaning Lulu has a lot of options for treats in her photoshoot future. I particularly love how they look in her hands, so here’s a few shots of those:

Most of the small cakes are meant for Lillibelle’s bakery, though. While the raspberry dessert is hilariously almost as large as she is, the little cakes suit her beautifully. I chose a few favorites this time, but definitely plan to go back and order more to stock the shelves of her little bakery, which sits beside my workshop table most of the time.

The cupcake is just a little too big, and looks sort of like those “mile high pies” I see advertised on billboards along the interstate. It won’t look out of place in her bakery, I don’t think, but a scale cupcake would be maybe half that size. Still, it’s better than the white donut, which is as big as her whole face, and the orange slices, which are bigger than her dainty little hands. The little cakes are best:

The pudding is an okay dessert for her, though the ice cream tray looks more like a serving platter. Not bad, as I have two–it just means I have one for Lilli’s bakery displays and one for Lulu’s snacks.

Last of all is the set of polymer fruit canes I got thinking to use as embellishments for PukiPuki-sized desserts I want to try making in the future. The orange canes aren’t as attractive as the others, but they’re better than I could do and scaled beautifully for use with Lillibelle.

On the whole, I’m happy with the order, though I can only recommend use of decoden cabochons as props for YoSD and smaller BJDs. The others are just too tough to match, though I was lucky to get as close as I did.  If I had it to do over, I’d get fewer of the unfinished donuts and white donuts, skip the puddings and ice cream dishes, and get more tiny cakes for my PukiPuki instead.

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