Persimmon Tree Tea’s Biodynamic Darjeeling tea

The name of this tea made me curious. The description sounded pretty good, speaking of floral notes and an apple-like character. Teas like this are what samples are made for.

I’ve shared three teas I really enjoyed, some that were good but not amazing, and quite a few teas that I was indifferent about. This is the first one I straight up disliked.

The fragrance was pleasant, but the flavor was altogether too earthy for me. The first taste is like having a sudden mouthful of warm wood, followed by a hint of sweetness. Then the middle notes hit, flattening any sweet flavor and finishing the sip out with a distinct aftertaste that is remarkably similar to the smell of fresh mulch. Don’t get me wrong, I love gardening and I love the smell of mulch, but I prefer for my tea to taste like tea, not like my freshly spruced-up garden.

Sweetening it didn’t do much, either, but I did find the flavor much more tolerable once my abandoned cup of tea had gone cold. Without the warmth, the apple-wood flavor is a little more distinct, making me think this would make a nice iced tea for autumn days of middling weather where it’s not quite cool enough for hot tea. But since I prefer my iced teas plain, this one is a pass for me.

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