Weekly blogging

If there’s one thing my husband is probably tired of hearing from me, it’s this: “What should I blog about?”
It certainly isn’t his responsibility to think of things for me to write about, but I always end up turning to him for ideas because I can’t think of things. I don’t know why that is. The decision to write something for my blog every week was my idea, and while I still think it’s important, I always end up drawing a blank when I sit down to actually write. But I still think it’s important, and one reason is because of the self-discovery that comes from it.

Blogging every week has helped me become more centered on the things I’m interested in. Though adventures from daily life work their way in here–and that’s fine–I keep most personal matters away from the blogosphere. Friends who read my blog aren’t here for personal details, and strangers probably aren’t interested. So this space is reserved for interests and stories about adventures only. Not all my friends are interested in my hobbies, so they can pick and choose which links to my blog they follow, depending on if I’m talking about something they’re curious about.

Most of my blog entries in the last year were about writing and books, crafts, tea, and my ball-jointed dolls. These are the things I’m probably going to be focusing on this year. Writing is a really broad category, after all, and there’s thousands of blogs that write about it. There are fewer writers who also blog about their arts and crafts projects, and fewer still who blog about things like my dolls. It’s a small niche, but it’s comfortable, and it gives me someplace to talk about these things without it being buried as just another Facebook status update that’s long enough to be truncated.

Another thing I’ve learned from blogging every week is that blogging is hard. Writing something every week means picking my husband’s brain for topics or ideas, but if I didn’t blog weekly, I might not blog at all.  It’s easy to let passing thoughts slip away without a post coming from them, even if it’s something I’m excited about or an opinion I feel should be shared. It’s tough to make yourself sit and write, though it doesn’t need to be long. While I’ve often thought my blog posts are too short, reading articles about it written by people much more successful than me has taught me that the ideal blog post is something that can be read in 3 to 5 minutes. I’m a faster reader than many, so what I can read in 3 to 5 minutes might not be the same as what others read. Still, it’s something I’m going to try to be more mindful of.

Keeping my blog more focused in 2015? Maybe not gonna happen. But blogging every week? I can probably do that for another year.

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