Persimmon Tree Tea’s Berries and Cream Rooibos tea

When I first decided to order “real” tea, I was really interested in trying rooibos. I’m not new to the idea of “tea” blends not containing any tea, since that’s what most herbal brews are, but I couldn’t imagine what this might taste like. It’s interesting, because the flavor is so much like tea, but without the astringency you get from the tannin. It also has an interesting “warm” flavor to it, something like spices that I can’t put a finger on.

The berries and cream blend from Persimmon Tree Tea is a mixture of rooibos, berries and white chocolate. Unfortunately, the chocolate doesn’t add much aside from a little sweetness. White chocolate has a really subtle flavor, and in this tea it’s lost beneath the other flavors. The berries add a little more sweetness and create a pleasant contrast to the spiced taste of the rooibos.

It doesn’t need any sugar, tasting sweet enough on its own, even as a strong brew. And since rooibos is naturally caffeine free, it’s a good treat to warm up with before bed without worrying about disrupting sleep.

While it’s a tasty blend, it doesn’t offer much in the way of nuanced flavors. It’s an okay dessert tea, but I think the rooibos would make a better chai.

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