Persimmon Tree Tea’s Assam Gold

Yum, yum, yum.

I’m still working my way through samples from Persimmon Tree, but until now, I’d only found two that I felt were must-haves for my tea shelf. I knew from the first taste that Assam Gold would be the third.

Unlike most of the black teas I got from PTT, this one can stand on its own. No cream or sugar needed.  It smells heavenly while brewing without having the sharp, astringent aroma I usually associate with black tea. It’s fragrant and mellow, making a rich golden-colored brew. The flavor starts strong, like a classic black tea but without any bite. It’s warm and soothing, with a mild middle note and an almost sweet aftertaste.

While most teas have me sampling them straight for a few sips and then reaching for my rock sugar, I finished this whole cup unsweetened. It was cool by the time I finished. Once cold, that initially strong first taste softens, as does the sweetness. Still not bad, but definitely best served warm.

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