Forward momentum

Sunday night, I posted this fantastic cell phone shot of my laptop’s screen on Facebook:

And if you couldn’t tell just by looking at it, it’s a pretty big thing. It means I just finished the first draft of the second book in my epic fantasy series.

When I set out to write the fantasy book in my head, I didn’t plan for it to turn into a series. It was meant to be one book, but it rapidly grew into something much bigger and more interesting than just one book. But deciding to turn it into a series and actually making that happen is stranger still.

Writing books gets easier as you do it. Or at least, that’s how it seems to me. The first few tries didn’t go well. But this time, it felt like I was finally starting to figure things out. I’d say it took a year to write the second book, but that isn’t exactly true. I started the second book right after I finished the first, but then put the second on hold while I edited the first book a time or two. Or five. Six? I can’t remember any more, but I spent a lot of time editing. I picked the second book up again after I was done. Though the work was spread out over a year, it took about six months to write.

So what comes next? Well, not the third book. Not for a while, in any case. I’m only just beginning the search for representation for the first in the series, and it may take a while to find just the right fit. Fantasy epics can be difficult to sell, but it’ll get out there eventually. Representation for the first book takes priority right now. In between sending queries, I’ll be spending the month of February making the first major edits and adjustments to the first draft of book 2. Then I plan to take a little time off.

I’ve been writing consistently for over a year now and have been making great strides toward reaching my major life goals. But writing for hours every night doesn’t leave much time for anything else, and I miss my other hobbies. I’ll be revisiting some of them before I get back to writing, but I have a lot of plans for when I get back to it. And while it won’t be an installment in the fantasy series, I hope to write another book before the end of summer.

Blaine and Angie miss me, I think. Maybe it’s time to pay them a visit with that sequel everyone keeps asking about.

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