Persimmon Tree Tea’s Sencha

 Ah, green tea. I’d really like to add green tea to every morning, both for the joy of drinking tea and for the health benefits green tea offers, but so far I haven’t found enough types of green tea I like to make me want to drink it every day. Today’s tea sample: Sencha, from Persimmon Tree Tea.

Sencha is the green tea. The most popular drink in Japan. When people talk about green tea in the States, Sencha is what they mean. So what’s it like?
Well… very basic.

It has a pleasant ‘green’ flavor without tasting like it came out of my yard. It’s fresh and earthy, but not overpowering. It brews a lovely yellow cup of tea, which I find tastes better warm. But that’s about it.
There’s nothing that makes sencha remarkable, and that might be why it’s so popular. But for me, the lack of anything different isn’t part of the appeal. It’s tea, straightforward, no nuances of flavor or surprises to be found.

So while it’s enjoyable, this one finds a place on my “sometimes” shelf, while I keep searching for a solid daily drinker.

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