Meet My Dolls: Part Five

When I first decided to start collecting ball-jointed dolls, I made plans for three. I ended up with five, since Vahn decided to sneak into the collection on impulse, and my father gave Lillibelle to me as a gift. Though I often admire other dolls and occasionally purchase them as restoration/improvement projects, I don’t really plan to get any more as permanent additions to the collection. Lulu was the last one I planned for.

Lulu is a Fairyland Littlefee Chloe, and out of all 5 dolls, she has been my biggest frustration. She arrived late, arrived with damage and very bad seam lines, and neither one of her faceplates fit properly. Fairyland replaced her bad parts, but I modified the faceplates to fit by myself, since I had modifications in mind for them already.

Both faceplates were modified to have elf ears, then I painted them on my own, as well. For my 3rd attempt at doing a doll’s faceup, I feel it turned out fairly well. Could be better, of course, but can’t everything?

The epoxy clay used to modify her ears was painted with Citadel paints in many very thin layers, to help reduce visible brush strokes. There’s still some visible, but since I had to work without an airbrush, I did the best I could. Other materials used were watercolor pencils, chalk pastels, and pearlescent powder.

One of the strangest difficulties was finding a brush fine enough to paint the carved-in lid line of the closed-eye plate. I ultimately ended up scavenging a cat whisker from Noodle’s bed and used that single hair. Her wig, too, was made by me – an interesting experiment, since it was my first attempt.

Though I’m happy with what I’ve done with her thus far, Lulu is still a work-in-progress, though I hope to see her complete next year.

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