Crafting season

There’s something about autumn that brings out the desire to create. I don’t know what it is, but it seems to affect everyone I know. Leaves start changing, temperatures grow cooler, and everyone’s breaking out the hot glue guns.

Me, I’m always working on something or other. I was cleaning the photo folder on my computer the other day when I noticed I had a ton of pictures of random projects going on at random times. Sometimes it’s “simple” projects, like repainting that awesome Hylian shield I picked up at the flea market for my sister, because the paint job was terrible. Other times it’s stuff like learning to cast plaster replicas of something because you need six of them for a costume.

There’s nothing I don’t do, really. Well, I haven’t learned to knit or crochet yet, but I’m sure I’ll pick that up at some point, too. The point is more that I always have to have something going, sometimes lots of little somethings, or I feel like I’m wasting my creativity.

It gets worse in the winter. I suppose that means the crafting bug bites me, too. Sometimes I take pictures of projects, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes they just get eaten right away.

I lie, the muffins are Mom’s handiwork. But I helped!

I’ve never run across a project I didn’t think I could do. Other people might be better at it than I am, but at least I try. And part of the reason I try is because I was never told I couldn’t.

My parents always encouraged my crazy, cockamamie creative ideas. If I wanted to use Mom’s kitchen or craft supplies or Dad’s power tools and hardware, they just told me to go right ahead. Not all my projects turned out well. Some still don’t. But the important part is that I’m not afraid to jump in and get my hands dirty, doing things like teaching myself to solder or busting a fireplace apart with a sledgehammer because I don’t like the way the wall looks.

There’s an intense satisfaction that comes from creating something. Sometimes it’s writing stories or drawing. Sometimes it’s cooking an excellent homemade meal. Sometimes it’s doing something else entirely. But my need to create is strong, so whenever I get a new idea, I try not to ever tell myself I can’t. Most of the time, it just means learning a new skill.

As I spend time creating, I realize I should share more of my projects. Especially since people often ask how I accomplish the things I’ve made or done. So, no promises, but next time I make something, I’ll try to remember to write about it.

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