Fuerte de San Diego

Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to visit a castle. I still haven’t seen a real castle, but I’ve come close – I’ve been to a fortress built in the 1600s.

When visiting Acapulco, Mexico for our honeymoon, we were both excited to visit a local landmark: Fuerte de San Diego.

Originally built in response to the threat of pirates, the unusual star-shaped fort has served as an armory and barracks, a hospital, a jail, and even a convent. Now it serves as a museum and historical landmark.

All the original cannons are still in place. Parts of the armory remain in their original state, and the kitchen remains as it appeared when people first lived in the fort. The site is beautifully preserved, though it’s difficult to picture it as a busy military outpost. Most of the fort has been filled with exhibits of historical importance, from relics excavated from the area to beautifully preserved gifts and treasures given to the inhabitants of the fort throughout the years.

As impressive as the fort itself was, some of the things housed within it were amazing. Chests of jewels and spices were on display, as well as some of the gifts from places as far away as Asia.

Joe was most interested in the swords, but I found myself most intrigued by the colonial-era carriage in a perfect state of preservation, down to the original gilt paint and upholstery. It was just as I’d always imagined such a thing would be, and I was delighted to know I’d always portrayed such carriages accurately in my writing, even before actually seeing one.

I’d still like to see a castle someday, but the fort was a good start.

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