Persimmon Tree Tea’s Vintage Black tea

Did you know that over ninety percent of teas purchased in the western part of the world are black teas?
Green tea has seen a bit of a rise in the past decade or so, as people become more aware of its excellent health benefits. But black tea remains the traditional staple tea found in most households.

One of the primary reasons is that because of how it’s prepared, green teas can slowly lose their flavor over the course of about a year. Black teas retain their flavor for several years, meaning they’re easier to transport and trade. Since tea was so vital to trade that it was once used as currency, it’s no wonder that black tea took root as the most consumed outside the regions that produce it!

But that’s a little beside the point, though today’s tea is definitely a traditional black tea.

One of the teas I ordered with my budgeted “fun money” was this variety, Vintage Black from Persimmon Tree Tea. I always drank unremarkable black tea while growing up, so I thought this would be similar to what I could get in tea bags from the grocery store. Not quite!

While the flavor of Vintage Black is similar to typical grocery store black tea, it’s much, much stronger. It’s so much stronger that I had to stop and double-check to make sure I hadn’t used the wrong amount of tea. In fact, I’d used less than the recommended amount!  It has a very rich and full-bodied flavor, though because of how strong it is, it’s easy for it to turn bitter while brewing. I’d recommend cutting the amount of tea used just a little, and using a slightly cooler-than-suggested water temperature for best results.

It was a little too strong for me to enjoy it without adding sugar and milk, but a half teaspoon of rock sugar was plenty, and just a splash of milk mellowed the flavor out quite pleasantly. Definitely a good wake-me-up morning tea, even though it has less caffeine content than typical black teas, but I prefer something a little more mild for my afternoon cup.

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