Days in a changing life

Here we are, creeping up to the last days of the month of May. June puts us at the end of the first half of the year, and it’s strange to look back at the past few months and see everything that’s happened.
Sometimes it feels like not much has changed, other times it feels like the change is monumental. So far this year I’ve written a quarter of a novel (but finishing it is put on hold), edited the massive fantasy novel I finished last year (twice!) and sent it off to people to be read. Feedback is starting to trickle in, and it gives me a lot of food for thought for my future as a writer.

I’ve ended some hobbies and started new ones, though I’m trying to be more mindful of not biting off more than I can chew with my various projects. There’s a lot of things still up in the air and in the pipeline, sometimes it feels like they never really move.

Some of the big changes have nothing to do with work or career, but are still big changes pushing us toward the next chapter in our changing lives. They might not sound like much, little things like a $50 total makeover for the laundry room, or finally finishing the landscaping out front. They may seem trivial to other people, but they’re huge to us.

Bit by bit, we’ve started putting together improvements in our little house, preparing for a time in a year, or two, or maybe three, when we need to move on. I’ve enjoyed our starter home here, but have never had any illusions about that being what it is. A stepping stone, the place where chapter two in our life and relationship happens.

Now chapter three has begun.
The transition so smooth you don’t even notice it.
It’s strange to look back on the phases of life and see how rapidly everything becomes different, isn’t it?

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