New experiences in a new year

I’m not a very adventurous person.
In fact, I’m pretty boring. I don’t like doing things I’ve never done before, yet I constantly find myself swallowed up by new experiences before I know they’re upon me.
Everything you do is new once, which is exciting to some, but not for me. There’s plenty of thing I’m content to live without experiencing.

Like sushi. My husband loved sushi and early in our marriage, he tried with all his might to get me to eat it with him. I remember looking at his plate and saying no, because with my luck, I’d get food poisoning. He laughed and said something about how you don’t get food poisoning from sushi, but who was laughing 12 hours later when we were in the ER because of salmonella? You’re right, not me. I’m too nice to laugh, but I did feel just a little bit vindicated.

This year, I’ve already found myself caught up in a wave of new experiences. Some of them are things I decided to try because I thought they would make me a better writer. A great example of that is eating venison for the first time. Deer seem like a staple food source in most fantasy settings, and since I mostly write fantasy, I wanted to be accurate.

I did learn from it, for the record. It wasn’t as tough or gamey as I expected and the flavor was pleasant, if more subtle and mild than I imagined it would be. The more valuable pieces of information came from cooking it, though. Such as the color of it when uncooked and the awful, stomach-turning sour stench of it being cooked. It’s a good thing venison tastes better than it smells while cooking, because that was terrible!

Other new experiences come in the form of new interests. You might not know it, but I was a total tomboy growing up. I liked cars and video games and hated pink. I still like cars and video games, but as I get farther into adulthood, I also find myself interested in girly things like jewelry and shoes. And yes, pink. This year marks the first time I’ve taken an interest in decorating and interior design, and some big projects going on around the house let me try my hand at it, too!  I’ve also found myself suddenly more fashion-savvy, wanting to dress nicer than just in torn jeans and video game shirts. Don’t get me wrong, those wardrobe staples aren’t going anywhere, but they are getting trimmed down to make room for future orders from sammydress. Just gonna say it, Asian fashion is soooo much nicer!

Anybody else trying something different this year?

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