DIY mini necklace pin boards

While I’ve been busy paring back on belongings like I mentioned last week, I don’t feel guilty about adding new things to the household if they serve a purpose.
One place in the house that was in desperate need of improvement was the top of my dresser. It usually isn’t too bad, but while cleaning out my jewelry box to part with the pieces I never wear, I found myself frustrated at how much time I spent untangling necklaces. For this reason, I usually leave my necklaces laying out on the dresser. A lot of my friends have made jewelry boards to organize their jewelry on the wall, but I only wanted to hang my necklaces, the bracelets and earrings were fine. A little money left over from my birthday took care of supplies. My version of the project ended up just a tiny bit different, but it took less than ten minutes to make.

Supply list:
Miniature picture frames (Michaels, $1 each)
Cork sheets (Also Michaels, $1.99)
Wire cutters
Thumb tacks (For hanging necklaces)

I used hot glue, but most kinds of tacky glue or craft glue should work fine.
I also used jewelry wire and round nose pliers, but any kind of pliers will work and the wire could even just be paperclips. I just went with what I already had out on the craft table for other projects.
I got lucky, too, because while the materials aren’t expensive, I had a coupon handy which meant I spent less than $5 on all the supplies.
Now, on to business!

Step 1
The mini frames don’t come with hooks for hanging, they come with an easel back instead.
First things first, grab your pliers and pull that easel back off or you won’t be able to hang it!
Then take a few pieces of wire and make a hook. Bend the wire a bit with the pliers to make sure it’ll go where it needs to. Leave long tails on the wire. Open the back of the frame, tuck the new hook inside and close it up! Repeat this for all your frames, then put a little glue over the base of the hook where it meets the backing, just to make sure it doesn’t slide free.


Step 2
Cut the cork sheets into pieces small enough to fit inside your frame, over the top of the wire hook tails. If you use the same materials I did, you’ll need 2 pieces of cork per frame to make it thick enough. Glue them in, one on top of the other.


Voila! Project done.

What, really? It seems way too easy when I write it out like that, but that’s all there is to it. Four tiny frames, ready to mount on the wall and hang necklaces!

You can use any kind of tacks or pins you want to hang your jewelry once the frames are mounted on the wall. Regular thumb tacks are fine, but I cut the ends off some bent pearl-headed sewing pins and used those instead because I thought they were cuter.

All that’s left to do at this point is hang them up and fill them with jewelry, like so:


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