Everyone should self-publish… at least once

Okay, maybe not everybody. Let’s face it, not everyone has a book in them. But all those naysayers out there that will tell you anyone can self-publish a book? Yeah. I’m looking at them.

See, here’s the thing: Despite the fact that a whopping 81 percent of Americans think they could write a book, chances are anyone who claims that anyone can self-publish probably hasn’t published anything themselves, traditional publishing or otherwise. Heck, they may not have ever written anything!

Until you sit down to write something, you have no idea how hard it actually is. Likewise, until you sit down and try to actually self-publish, you have no idea how much work actually goes into it. Sure, there’s the option of forking money over to professional proofreaders, editors, formatting experts and cover artists. That might sound like it makes self-publishing a walk in the park, but when the average self-published author earns less than $500 off their work, why start by digging yourself a hole?

Self-publishing is a long and difficult process, especially if you plan to do it on your own. So what does self-publishing actually entail? I’m not done making that journey, myself, but I’d be happy to lay out a map of where I’ve been and what the process is really like. There’s much too much information to cover in only one post, so I’ll be breaking it up into several. Editing, formatting and cover design are just a few parts of the whole, but next week, we’ll start at the top.

And remember, if there’s anything specific you’d like to ask about or see me cover, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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