Meet My Dolls: Part Two

Though I’m posting about this one second, she is not my second doll. Or my third, for that matter.
Firal didn’t arrive until this summer, the fourth doll I purchased. I no longer have the second, and while Firal was supposed to be the third, someone else sneaked in before her.

In the book I’m currently editing, Firal is an elven mage-in-training with a bad habit of biting off more than she can chew. It doesn’t take much for her to become entangled in a political affair between the temple where she trains and the kingdom that rules it, but getting out if it might be harder than she realizes.

When I began collecting dolls, I knew I wanted her to be one of them. I planned for three but ended up with more, as I understand is common in the hobby!

Firal is a Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe. Choosing her was exceptionally difficult, and I spent years trying to select a doll that was just right. In the end it came down to two Fairyland dolls, either Chloe or Siean. A part of me still wonders what she might have looked like as a Siean, but I’ll likely never know, as there’s rumors abound that the company might be discontinuing the Feeple65 line of dolls. “Re-shelling” a doll into a sculpt that suits the character better is a common practice, though I don’t know if I’d really want to re-shell her as something else now that she’s complete. Regardless of how much I like the Siean sculpt, I find this one to be exceptionally beautiful, especially with the make-up she’s completed with.

While the companies offer painting for the faces, known as a “face-up” in the doll hobby, most people purchase the doll blank. Firal came to me blank and her face-up was done by my very dear friend Ashley, who is the owner of Of the Ash Tree. It was her first time ever painting a ball-jointed doll (generally shortened to BJD by collectors) and she did an absolutely amazing job!

I do plan to change her eyes to a pair more orangey-amber (Yes, their eyes come out!) and her hair to a curly wig, but for all intents and purposes, Firal is the first of my dolls that I’d really consider to be complete.

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