Meet My Dolls: Part Three

The third doll to join my collection was Vahn, a doll embodiment of a young soldier who befriends Firal and uses the opportunity to flirt mercilessly with her friends.

While he wasn’t a part of my collection plans at all, I knew the doll was perfect for the character at first glance and had to add him to the group. Vahn is an Iplehouse SID Claude from the Elemental Guardians limited edition release.

Being that Vahn is an elf in the books, though, he required some slight modification. A point was added to his ears with epoxy clay, though it’s rarely visible in pictures, normally hidden by his hair. Really and truly, for the elves in the world I’ve created, the ears of the doll I have for Firal are much too big. Vahn’s are more accurate, not really noticeable unless you’re looking for the point.

To be quite honest, I feel like Vahn is the nicest doll in my collection. He poses better than the rest and is easier to sew for, but since he wasn’t part of the original plan, the poor fellow is reduced to the rank of “least favorite” of the 3 big dolls.

Still, his sassy smirk reminds me so much of the fun I have writing him in the trilogy I’m working on, and I just can’t bring myself to part with him. The SID size is probably my favorite out of the large dolls I have. It works particularly well for the scale of the characters, too, as Rune is supposed to be head and shoulders taller than Firal, with Vahn’s height close to halfway between them. This size doll does that perfectly, and because of how magnificently he poses, I may add another SID doll to my collection in the distant future… if I find a face that’s just right.

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