Meet My Dolls: Part One

If you’ve spoken to me in the last few years, I’ve probably mentioned my dolls.
But what are they? Why do I have them? What made me interested in these creepy things?
I’d be happy to explain!

Not creepy in the least. Nope.

It’s sort of funny, really. I never really liked dolls when I was a kid, didn’t really play with them much. I had a few Barbie dolls that were my favorites, sure, but they weren’t my favorite toys. I mostly played with action figures and toy horses. Dolls just weren’t my thing.
Then one day I found a picture of a peculiar looking doll online. I still have no idea what it was, but it got me started on a search that introduced me to the quite unusual world of Asian ball-jointed dolls.

I was maybe 16, and it only took one picture to make me fall in love with them. But the only easily accessible doll company at the time was Volks, and when I saw the price tag of the Super Dollfie line, I was floored. Despite my love of the peculiar dolls I’d found, I put the idea out of my head right quick. The doll I liked the most from what they offered at the time checked out at almost a grand.

Of course, hints of the idea stuck with me for a long time. I researched how to make my own, read up on sculpting techniques, looked at other options that would give me the same satisfaction. What I really wanted was an embodiment of the characters in my writing that had become my favorites, you see. But everything was cost-prohibitive, and eventually, I let the interest slip away while I pursued more important grown-up things.

After I was married, I found myself with a lot of free time and started looking into the dolls again. There were a lot more options now at much more affordable prices, and as an adult, the price tag of a few hundred dollars didn’t seem as astronomical as it did before. Good things were worth good money, after all, and the dolls were far from being mass produced. At first I considered getting a 26-centimeter Dollfie from Volks, but the more I shopped around, the more I felt like if I was going to get into having dolls, I was going to go all out. I started selling old college textbooks and saved money on the side. A year later, after business on Etsy took off, I ordered my first doll.

I have four dolls now, but really, there’s a lot of information to share, so I’ll be splitting the information about them up into several posts. For now, we’ll start with the obvious: The beginning.

Meet Rune.
If you saw my blog post about my art room, you probably saw him on the table in one of the pictures.

Rune was my first doll and is still my favorite, though he’s very much a work-in-progress. He’s a whopping 70 centimeters tall, as big as my 11 month old baby!
For those curious of the specifics, he’s an Iplehouse EID Luo on the Super Hero body. Really and truly, the Model body would be a better fit for him, but it wasn’t released until almost a year after I bought him.

He’s had some special modification work done, such as making him a “hybrid” doll – I removed his legs and replaced them with those of a Soom Monzo. That was a feat and a half, really, given that the two companies’ parts were completely incompatible. The modification still isn’t done, it’s something I’ll be revisiting in the future and might document here since it’s actually a fairly interesting process that involves the use of power tools.

His hands are also special, as I sculpted them myself with no prior sculpting experience, and his eyes glow in the dark.

Rune is, by far, my favorite character out of all I’ve written through the years. His is a tragic story of politics and misunderstanding, though with any luck, you’ll be able to read it yourself in a year or two after the first book has been edited.

When I mentioned completing a book back in the summer, his is the one I’m talking about, though whether he’s a protagonist or an antagonist may be up for interpretation. In fact, most of my dolls are embodiments of characters from that story. But that’s a tale for another day, something I’ll write a little more about when I post next. After all, the next doll I’ll be speaking of is a doll version of the main character of the trilogy.

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