A space to create

When my husband and I bought our house, we got it with the idea that it would be a perfect home for the two of us to grow into. It’s a cozy little 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with a nice back yard. Neither one of us planned to be here forever, but after being here a few years, we’re finally settling in and really fixing things up.

The two unused bedrooms were less usable space and more just a spot to collect all kinds of things, mostly stuff we were getting rid of or meant to put into the attic and just hadn’t done it yet. One of these rooms became the nursery when our little girl was born, though since her crib is still in our bedroom for ease of nighttime feeding and changing, that actually meant it was a catch-all room for everything baby related.

The other room is the art room.

As you might have gathered, both me and my husband are artistically inclined people, and it was important to both of us that we have space to exercise our creativity. Especially me, since sewing supplies take up a great deal of room.

I’d managed to set up my sewing machine a long time ago, but with it being in the smallest bedroom, there wasn’t a whole lot I could do to make the space really usable without some help. Fortunately for me, that help came when Mom came to visit for a week. We cleaned and sorted, sorted and cleaned, then moved furniture all around. The end result was so pleasing that I thought I’d take a bit to talk about it here. I’ll include pictures, too, but fair warning – The room hasn’t been painted since we bought the house, so I covered the very blah cream walls with posters I’ve been collecting since I was 13!

Since I’m primarily a writer, it was also important to me that my workspace be set up to accommodate writing as well as other crafts. We pushed a table into the corner of the room, by the window, so I could easily use it as a desk for creating things, a space for cutting fabrics while I sew, and somewhere for me to set up my laptop while I write.

The bean bag chairs, too, are an addition for writing, because when it’s time to edit or proofread, it’s nice to be able to drop down in a well-lit comfy space to concentrate. Easy access to sunshine and fresh air is a bonus, too. You may notice in the picture above that the corner of the table has a very peculiar inhabitant. For those who haven’t “met” my dolls yet, don’t worry – I’ll be writing a bit about them in the near future.

Another big success was moving my old computer armoire into the corner and turning it into storage space for fabric. The big, heavy black hulk of a cabinet used to sit right next to the door because that was as far as I could muscle it on my own. It works much better in the corner, and also creates a nice place for me to set up the simple photography backdrop box I created for smaller things I make. The backdrop box is something I actually created a simple guide to making, so I’ll share that in the future. It’s super handy!

Speaking of handy, check out that awesome shelf on the wall. When I was still pursuing jewelry as an active hobby and business, I had so much stuff that I needed a rack to store it all on. I ended up using a piece of ladder, having my husband drill holes in it to run dowel rods through. It created a perfect place to hang necklaces and bracelets, as well as rolls of wire. The steps on the ladder slope toward the wall, which made it a perfect place to store bottles of paint.

Lastly, there’s the supply shelf and the filing cabinet that functions as my shipping station.

I do still actively sell a number of things online, so having all my packing materials in one place is infinitely helpful! Boxes used for shipping are piled on top, with a little space for an open box to be packed. The drawer contains things like tissue paper and bubble wrap, while strings, paper cutters, tape and padded mailers occupy the shelves. All the rest of my art and craft supplies fill the shelves, including some ammunition boxes full of stickers, colorful bags of silk flowers, and drawers for pencils and markers.

It’s not a perfect setup by any means, but I’m happy with it, and I’m looking forward to how all the organization will make it easy to create.

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