September Giveaway

I thought about making this the October giveaway, but since it’s Halloween themed, wouldn’t it make more sense for you to have it to wear for the month of October?

Tree of Life pendants are one of my favorite things to make. Classes on how to make them were offered at work when I was still working a day job, and I spent a lot of time peeking at the work being done since I wasn’t free to take the class for myself. I puzzled it out from there.

I like my pendants to be smaller than the ones you make in the class, though. They’re roughly the size of a half-dollar.

This one is made with hematite colored wire and a dyed shell bead. While the wire and chain are plated with the hematite finish and should hold up indefinitely, I can’t promise it will stay gunmetal gray forever. Scrapes and dings can take the color off, and some people have a natural skin pH level that can cause the coating to wear off with time. That said, under the gunmetal plating, the wire and chain have a layer of silver plating, with the core being brass underneath that, so even if the plating wears, it only gets more interesting coloration!

Like it? Want it?
Leave a comment here or on my Facebook page to enter. Or, comment both places to double your chances to win.
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The drawing will happen on the 30th.
Good luck!!

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