Death of the Sun going paperback

No matter how many times I do it, submitting a piece of writing somewhere makes me unreasonably nervous. It’s not like I’m afraid of people reading my work, or not reading my work, or not liking it, or anything like that. I guess what it all comes down to is that every time I submit my work for something, I’m afraid something will go horribly wrong.

Somewhere out there, I picture machines breaking down and steam shooting from pipes as rivets pop and fly across the room. I picture fiery explosions and panic in the streets. I don’t know what could possibly go wrong, but I’m sure that

Death of the Sun paperback proof

something, somewhere, just might.

Naturally, because of this, prepping for the paperback version of Death of the Sun has been an adventure and a half. With all digital versions getting a facelift and another thorough editing job to go with the launch, I spent a lot of time deciding what I should do to make the paperback special.

Well, my first proof copy arrived today. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s something else to see it actually in my hands. A quick page-through shows that the formatting is beautiful, but I will probably have to re-think the inclusion of graphics I drew for the purpose of prettying it up, since they didn’t translate quite as well as I hoped.

But that’s what a proof is for. Making sure everything is in order. And since it got here without any fiery explosions and no bursting pipes or billowing steam that I know of, I’m just going to be content to breathe easy for a few days while I read through and make sure there aren’t any typos I’ve missed.

And don’t worry – As soon as it’s ready to be set free in the world, I’ll definitely let everyone know.

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