August giveaway #1 results

I honestly thought I would have time to do two this month, but I ended up taking an unexpected trip to visit my family and was gone when I planned to do the drawing and organize the next giveaway. Oh well – There’s always next month! This time I think I’ll plan to do just one for September.

Anyway, if you missed it, August’s freebie was these:

Entries ended up being spread across here and Facebook because a few people had trouble leaving comments on the blog, so I’ll be looking into that problem for next month. Especially since I’ll be giving away some bigger and fancier pieces.

I put all the names into a cup and with the help of my 8-month-old assistant, drew one and crinkled the paper real good…

And there you have it. Hoorah! Congratulations!

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  1. The baby didn't eat the results? Congrats to Alyssa. I want a pair of earrings…We discussed them. But I can't describe them. Pearls with a thingie in between? help.

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