Bark at the moon

While I’ve spoken before of my fondness of the stars, we shouldn’t overlook my fondness of other celestial bodies.

There was a lot of hullabaloo on the internet last month over the “Super moon” that rose on the 23rd, 14% larger than the average appearance of the moon or something like that. It wasn’t as big as a heavy October harvest moon, but it certainly was bright and beautiful. The summer humidity gave it a warm glow, and while I don’t really have the camera equipment to do it justice, it was the first clear and warm full moon we’ve had since I got my new camera back in February.

My first few tries weren’t very impressive. I did get some great pictures of the neighbor’s garage, and some stunning shots of telephone wires, but the moon managed to elude me no matter what I did.

I’m pretty proud of my new camera, you see, even if it’s a little outdated. I treated myself to a Canon T3i as a combination birthday present to myself and business investment. But I only have one lens, the 18-55mm kit lens it came with. It’s a good enough general purpose lens, and since I share a lot of the “for fun” pictures I take with it here during my Friday Photo Breaks, I’d like to think you’d agree that some great shots can come from it.

But the kit lens just wasn’t enough to capture what I needed. I needed something bigger, something better, something that could zoom in. If only I had a telescoping lens, I lamented to myself.
And then it hit me.

At one of the last jobs my husband worked, he was given the gift of a small tabletop telescope. I mean, that’s basically just a camera lens that you can’t actually attach to your camera, right? I was worried about trying to rig it up to my camera body, so I decided to take the safer route and just hold the end of my lens to the end of the telescope. It couldn’t hurt anything, after all. As long as I was careful, it wouldn’t even scratch the lens. I set the telescope up, focused on the moon, and then something magical happened.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited about taking a picture. I snapped a dozen different shots with a dozen different camera settings, feeling a wash of inspiration. Not all of them turned out well, but I did get a few dazzling glimpses of the moon’s face.

Best of all, I snagged a few photos that were just what I had in mind for the cover of one of my next books. I have mentioned Born of the Moon, haven’t I?  No? Well, don’t worry – I’ll be speaking of that one soon enough.

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