Minor updates

Aside from a general cleanup of the site’s code now and then, I’ve always sort of been at a loss as to how to make the most of this webspace here. This seems to be my floundering with every site I’ve ever managed.

How do you keep it updated?

How do you keep it fresh?

Well, I’m sure there are a lot of good ideas, but for now, I’ve decided to simply post my blog updates both here and on Blogger. Maybe even a few extra things in here, where I can speak of my progress on each book as I work on it.

2013 has been an awfully busy year, with lots of wonderful changes in my life that have taken some time to grow used to. I’m slowly settling back into a routine, though, now with a baby girl involved.

With any luck, I’ll be completing Serpent’s Tears this year (At last!) and then revisiting Death of the Sun for a spectacular formatting update and the upcoming release of a paperback version!

Stay tuned – I almost always update on Tuesdays, with a few other, smaller updates sprinkled throughout the week.

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