Exploring Influences: The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

Continuing on the topic of influences, this week we’re looking at The Wheel of Time, which was completed by the release of the final book not that long ago.

While I haven’t finished the series and it may take me a few years to do so, The Wheel of Time is a series makes an interesting addition to my influence map as it’s the youngest fantasy series I’ve stuck with.

The writing style is more in tune with what I tend to write like, making it easier for me to follow than a lot of books. The series also doesn’t shy away from having a large cast of important characters, something I can be quite guilty of doing. On that point, it provides me with a great example of how to balance a large cast, making sure each character is given the right amount of attention and growth.

There are a lot of elements in Robert Jordan’s world that have also made appearances in my own, which is always interesting to see. I greatly enjoy comparing and contrasting his elements and mine, as it helps me better describe the differences between my version of common themes (such as magic) and everyone else’s. This aids me in making my stories more unique, while reminding me to keep things grounded enough to make sense.

Despite all the reading material the series provides me with, I find that the first book is still my favorite, if only because I love that new sense of wonder that comes from being introduced to an unfamiliar world.

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