Creative Spaces

Recently, I took  my first trip down the terrible rabbit hole that is Pinterest. It’s interesting to see all the little nooks and spaces that people create in their houses. I was showing some pretty pictures to a friend, and she asked what my ideal household space to write in would be like. I don’t know, maybe something like this?

Anybody want to buy that house for me, by the way? It’s only three and a half million dollars.

In all seriousness, though, I like two options for writing spaces. Which one I would prefer is depends on what time of day it is. During the day, I need someplace with windows, someplace to let the sunshine in. I get gloomy if I don’t get enough sunlight, and gloominess is the mortal enemy of productivity.

During the night, though, I like something a little more cozy. Somewhere quiet and warm. A window is nice, but not necessary. Until the baby was born, I did most of my writing curled up on the bed with a lamp on for soft light.
Really, curling up in a reading nook with my laptop would be perfect. My bedroom in one of my favorite houses I ever lived in had a window seat, which would have been perfect for writing. I hadn’t started on my dream of writing professionally when I lived there, though, being that I was all of about 12. It wouldn’t have worked very well, anyway, as I did all of my writing at the time on a huge and clunky DOS-based computer. I can only hope I’ll have a space like that again in the future.

What about you? What’s your ideal writing space like?

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