Cat Pictures

I’ve been around the internet long enough to be familiar with the importance of cats. The internet loves cats, which is why it was no surprise that when Monopoly was looking to the internet for a new piece to use in the board game, the proposed cat won by a landslide.

Some cats, like Maru, become internet celebrities in their own right. Maru even has books about him published! I’ve read one, actually, thanks to my friend Ashley over at Of The Ash Tree. It’s cute and charming, but what else would you expect from an internet cat?

There’s another interesting  thing about cats and the world wide web. You see, cat pictures are sort of a form of internet currency. People with kitties often trade pictures of them, or give pictures of particularly cute cats as gifts to their loved ones.

Cat pictures also serve as greeting cards, something you might send to a friend when they are down or feeling under the weather. Goodness knows I’ve done that before. That picture of a kitten buried in marshmallows? Adorable.

In any case, cats are well-loved and popular online. I am not, so pictures of a cat are surely more valuable than the words I’ve written in this post. That said, I am quite fortunate to own a cat, and cat ownership means I am obligated to share pictures of said cat with the internet.
So, I’ve heard of this thing called “Cat Saturday” – or Caturday, if you will – and I figure it won’t hurt anything to join in. I’ll try to share a picture of my feline friend each Saturday (ahem, Caturday) and tell you a little bit about her. In the meantime, I’ll go ahead and start it off now.

Meet Noodle, my cat.

That’s worth one internet point, correct?

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